Saturday, May 28, 2011

Making Armor

Sorry for the delay.  I was really busy with all kinds of stuff.  Now suddenly Dragon Con seems right around the corner, so I need to start making some serious progress.

Since I have the horns under control, although I have no idea how to attach them to the helmet, or even how I'm going to make a helmet, I decided to get the armor bits out of the way.

I ordered some 1/8 inch gray sintra to use for the armor.  2'x4' sheets were found on Amazon for $4.00 each with free shipping thanks to Amazon Prime.

I made a cardboard template for the shape I wanted and then traced it onto the plastic.  I then used a small jig saw to cut out the pieces.

After I had the shapes cut out, I heated each piece of plastic with a heat gun until they became malleable.  Then I used an empty spray paint can I had laying around to shape the plastic.  Done.  Instant forearm armor. 

I still need to do more work on them.  In the comic they have large rubies in the back of them.  I have to dig something up and get the epoxy out.  I also have to attach them to the costume once I have that sewn up.  But at least I got the ball rolling.

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  1. How about bolting the horns to the helmet,use washers for more grip and add a little epoxy to stop them turning. Maybe rip out the insides of a push bike helmet to go in the the Loki helmet to make it more stable to wear.

    Just thought's looking forward to seeing this.